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Choosing a memorial begins with telling a story. We’d like to hear about your loved one’s family heritage, interests, passions, accomplishments, faiths and beliefs. With this information, we can help design your memorial and help you choose the type of memorial based on cemetery regulations, granite colour, size and shape that will help best tell your loved one’s story for the generations to come. One of our caring professionals can help guide you in building a tribute that is not only appreciated by the eye but understood by the heart. You won’t feel pressured into buying a “floor model” here at Kirkpatrick Stoneworks because we prefer to take your thoughts and ideas and create a simple elegant memorial or we can create something truly unique and personalized – the choice is yours. We understand the importance of remembering and look forward to guiding you through the process. 

Since a memorial is a one-time purchase it should be built with permanence in mind, and because we are known and trusted for building memorials that last, we carve the design and lettering without the use of additives like paints and dyes which as anyone knows, will always fade and wear away with time. This, among other things will ensure your monument will last and be that enduring tribute to your loved one that they deserve.


Many families find selecting a memorial overwhelming, because there are many decisions to be made. We have found that the best thing to do is break down the decisions into manageable pieces. The more facts you have, the more you can be certain that you are making a decision from a knowledgeable perspective. We have defined the decisions to consider below:

The first decision you will need to make is the style of the memorial, whether it is an upright or flat memorial etc. This decision may have already been determined for you based on the cemetery regulations and restrictions for the type of lot you have. Our consultants are familiar with the regulations for the cemeteries and can outline all of your options. (In addition, the cemetery fees associated for things such as setting a flat marker in the ground, installing a footing for an upright memorial and the “monument care tax” will be discussed and clarified)

Once the style of the memorial has been determined, there are several further decisions which will need to be made and which will play a factor in the overall look of the memorial and also the cost. You will find them outlined here:

We feel this is one of the most important decisions you will make because your names and the design elements you choose are what set your memorial apart from all others. There are many styles of letters and hundreds of designs to choose from. Kirkpatrick Stoneworks always provides a scaled computer drawing of what your memorial will look like to make sure it is exactly the way you want it.

Modern manufacturing methods have allowed the shapes of many memorials to vary tremendously. The options are limitless. Kirkpatrick Stoneworks has many newer shapes available and can design a truly unique shape for you or we can provide you with the traditional style if that is what you are comfortable with.

Like diamonds, there are many grades of granite. There are differences in quality, make no mistake about that. Some will absorb moisture more than others causing them to darken or stain, others have iron deposits which oxidize and cause unsightly spots over time. Many granite colours are large grained or variegated and not suitable for memorialization because engraving does not show up well. It is said that some are artificially coloured or dyed and over time will lose the colour and become blotchy. This is a short-lived process. We are selective because we want future generations to respect the decisions we make today.

When we speak of the finish of the memorial, we are generally speaking of how the surfaces look, are they polished, matte or rough. Flat markers have just one surface to deal with while upright memorials have 5 sides that are exposed. Generally, the front and the back of a memorial is finished with a polished or matte surface and then a finish can be chosen for the top and sides. There are other finishes and textures like sunbursting, recessing, stippling etc. that are sometimes used on memorials to give texture, lend interest or give a unique look. In the end we can discuss your desires and you can decide what is right for you.

We specialize in personalization. Whether it is a portrait, a vacation home, a favorite flower or hobby, if you can imagine it, we can create it. Much of the personalization we do to make your memorial special is no extra cost, but there are some exceptions. Together, we can assist you in making the right choice and help you remember your loved one, your way.

As you walk through the cemetery, you will see a rainbow of granite colours used in making memorials. The different colours come from different quarries around the world. Not all granite should be used for memorials and unfortunately there are those who are not as selective as we are. We have always been more discriminating than others because we feel since you only purchase one memorial, it should last forever. Each quarry has its own unique issues with removing the granite to manufacture, and as a result, demand, problems with low yield, (supply) availability and waste due to cracks and fissures, etc. can be some of the factors which contribute to the cost of the different colours of granite.

The size of the memorial is an important factor. When deciding on size, it is important to take into considerations a number of details. The length of your family name, first name(s), design elements, verses and other information on the memorial, will help determine the size. Cemetery regulations must be kept in mind. Memorials are measured in 2” increments and generally speaking, can be made in any size and shape. Your sales consultant will discuss all of the pertinent information and together with our memorial designer, we will be able to offer suggestions to you.


There are several good reasons for why you should consider buying your monument ahead of time. First of all, it ensures you get the Personal Choice you want for yourself, a monument that reflects your taste, not someone else’s. Such a personal statement can be a source of Pride and Personal Satisfaction. It also relieves your family of the Burden of Deciding at a time when they are most vulnerable and like any other form of planning ahead, it has its financial advantages. It offers a way to Inflation Proof your purchase, Buy in your Prime Earning Years when you can best afford it and Maximize your Estate later on, all of which displays sound judgment, self reliance and consideration for others, a great tribute to you.

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